• YEAR
  • 2020
  • Logo & Branding
  • Packaging


Basics is an underwear line made by women for women. The brand champions the cause of body positivity with the belief that all women, no matter what shape or size, deserve to feel beautiful, bold and empowered without sacrificing comfort and style. The founder felt that women in her Pacific Island nation of Fiji (where this brand is based) deserved better when it came to good quality, stylish but comfortable underwear for everyday wear - thus “basics.” was born. The brand’s mission, vision, values, messaging and commitment to celebrating the beauty and strength of Pacific Island women is reflected in this bold, modern yet feminine visual identity.

As the brand caters to a target audience based in the South Pacific islands, the visual identity takes inspiration from the lush backdrops of the tropical flora and fauna as well as the beautiful colour patterns found in traditional textiles. Inspired by these elements, we wanted to recontextualise this aesthetic in a more modern way.

With our bold but pretty duotone colour palette, elegant logotype and minimal design approach, we took things back to basics with a "less is more" approach while capturing the essence of the brand and celebrating the cultural heritage of its audience.

The brand system visually captures the vibrant beauty of the islands through a bold, feminine and modern aesthetic. The brand identity design was extended into an exploration of deliverables from collaterals to packaging design that enhanced the overall experience - bringing the brand to life.