• YEAR
  • 2018
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Augmented Reality

Imagine a Reality

Here at bamboo we like to push the boundaries of creativity. For our submission for the acclaimed 2018 D&D awards, we submitted a vivacious and vibrant brand campaign concept that perfectly captured our heart, style and energy as a studio. The campaign titled “Imagine a Reality”, focuses on merging the online digital world of giffgaff and the real physical world through the technology of augmented reality (AR).

The campaign pokes fun at the relatable, “same old, same old” problems that the average mobile network user experiences and juxtaposing them with AR experiences of how giffgaff do things differently in their world.

Not only is the use of new technology exciting, different and positively disruptive, it’s also a platform that can easily be built on further by giffgaff in future campaigns, further solidifying them as the company that likes to challenge the old ways of doing things.