• YEAR
  • 2018
  • Magazine
  • Editorial Design

Tatau Magazine

As a studio that revels in the latest in digital design and development, we do enjoy going back to our roots of editorial design and the beauty that comes with print formats. Tatau (the word for "tattoo" in many Polynesian languages) is an independent magazine dedicated to honouring the culture and history of various tattoo traditions around the world. Each issue is a true piece of art and a beautiful collectable for any art, history or design enthusiast.

The aim of the magazine is to combine great original artwork, in depth research, powerful photography and an attractive, simple design to respectfully share insight into these deeply rich stories and pay homage to the cultural significance of the art .

Inspired by the functional visual styles of swiss graphic design, the overall look of the first issue is bold, simple, clean yet beautiful.

The bold fonts, symmetrical grids and black and white colour palette compliments the beautiful and intricate patterns; the design enhancing rather than competing with the true focus - the tattoos.