• YEAR
  • 2018
  • Visual Design
  • CD & Vinyl Packaging

Tribes of
New York

Sometimes, here at bamboo studio we like to experiment with different visual styles and come up with some exciting rebrand projects. This round, our head designer decided to take a crack at redesigning the legendary Ornette Coleman's "Tribes of New York" album. With a passion for non conventional packaging design, the limited edition CD release is a modern take on the classic jazz album and poster aesthetics.

The jagged collage imagery created from the New York skyline makes for an eye catching and exciting backdrop that emphasises the overall vibrant and lively design; paying homage to that era of art and music through the electric colours and graphic typeface.

The special edition CD package aims to celebrate Ornette’s decades spanning career in a cool, cohesive collectors item that tries to encapsulate the vibe of New York City, the music and his eclectic personality through the artwork.